The future: A single Heart, Social and Global.

The best positioned for the future of the web, whatever it brings for us, sadly are the big corporations, yes they can be affected by powers with similar, equal and even bigger strength, but at this time not just yet, the masses are not totally bounded online to the point of starting a real online change and in the world.
Most changes in these days and the recent past were originated by the big internet names. Except of some extremely creative people and start ups, led by universities and people, pushing ideas that could have only born in the brains of extraordinary people, with talent, and even money and skills. I'd say that not everybody can lead, create or motivate these changes in our days online or offline, etc. The masses need leaders, but maybe the masses are becoming one brain on the web.. that;s what I call the feelings of the web, for the that is the power that motivates changes, read those feelings and you can position yourself in time to ride the next big wave!
However the web is already part of our world, and it is only on the web or the Internet were the masses can and will create the next social changes in the world.
For me what is worrying is the fact that big Governments have figured that already and are taking the Internet way more seriously now. They are already adopting strong actions to stop these dangerous social waves of feelings, of shaking our world in forms of social risings, massive claims, Wikileaks, global hack wars, etc. Think of what happened in the Middle East and it is not over yet..
However, as expected, the big internet companies, are taking the Gov's side rather than the peoples edge, helping them to quietly extend the barrier behind us the internet users. But the fight is not over yet, the people global feelings, can still stop and force the Coprs to act right in some cases, in fact a lot of things that in the past were impossible for the masses to achieve, like offering some kind of real resistance to what they felt was wrong are now suddenly viable and possible wars.
Again think of what happened to the delayed SOPA and PIPA attempts..
The big names and flags, can see that the Internet can really bring a social change and I guess that's the future of the web in their eyes: "A future of controlling the masses first and selling them whatever later"
For the people the future could be: "A soon to to be seen more and more stronger global society, very conscious of its acts and their consequences on the rest of the human beings around world, the animals and the planet included"
These waves, are modelling the future of the Big names online and somehow the consumers actions will help mold the future as well I just haven't totally figured that part yet.
Yes, more and more people are realizing now that they are being pushed to read, believe, like and buy whatever, we are being or allowed to see thru Google, etc.
What is going to happen in our world in 12 - 15 years time? Time when the masses, are fully aware and can understand these concepts and decided to take action upon this shields if set or feelings if still free in the global social heart??
But again, I guess the Governments have seen that future and are desperately shielding the web fields before it is too late.
By the way, just to clarify I am not an Anarchist as you guys may wonder, but a little more of a web philosopher I guess.


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