Why is it important to know the best business model for internet marketing? Practically anyone who had access to the interest can get in the booming internet marketing industry. Online, people get to interact with others who are either thinking of buying a particular product or have already bought the product. Thus, the potential for the internet as a powerful advertising and distribution channel is very evident. Proof is the huge number of enterprises doing business online.

The average netizen is bombarded with advertisements and promotions. As a matter of fact, some of the recent, successful ventures made it through viral marketing via the internet. Think Halo. Think The Dark Knight. The potential of promoting brand recognition and making a sale through the internet is sky-high. Not to mention that while your internet marketing is well, virtual, the money you are going to earn is not the least bit unreal.

There is no stopping the rise of internet marketing. And there are options for a person who is looking to make money online from the comfort of his home.

Now, what exactly is the best business model for internet marketing? It is one where your marketing efforts are integrated with a well-established company. The reason why this works is that when a company has a solid standing and you work as some sort of middleman; you, the regular person can earn not only the reputation, you will earn money to boot! Of course, you want to know how this is possible.

First take a look at the typical business structure - say, a manufacturing enterprise. The business incurs expenses in order to come up with a finished product – cost of goods sold particularly labor and materials, as well as operating expenses such as delivery and utilities expense. Now, this manufacturing company would need distribution channels to be able to ‘reach’ the customers – supermarkets, telemarketers, etc. There is also an advertising strategy involved so that customers would choose their products over the competitors. Now, this company, as part of their sales-making efforts, can set up a website in order to directly reach, sell and advertise to their target market. That is direct marketing.
What happens when you do not own a manufacturing business? Believe it or not, you can still engage in internet marketing. When you bring sales to a company by bringing potential customers to their website, you will get a cut of the profit resulting from the increase in revenue that the company benefited from as a result of the influx of customers.

This is called affiliate marketing and this is very effective. Think of your business as a distribution channel. Note that you do not even have to manufacture your own products. Even in the non-virtual setting, distributors get a share of the profit, right? An example of this is a specialty pet product site which market products manufactured by different companies. This site would usually have other features as well such as a pet-owner community forum, blogs and the works. You get the picture.

Now, sometimes, you don’t even have to literally sell the product. You just have to ‘advertise’. You can set up a website that has content related to the company that you are affiliated with and you will earn if you get customers to view their websites. So, it’s not as if you have to be some big-shot business owner before you can get into internet marketing.

The best business model for internet marketing is one that employs an advertising strategy for products of a well-established enterprise. A good product may not be ‘advertisement’ enough, but it is a start. Just as in the real world, a good reputation is essential. Find out about the right thing to do. And do the right thing.

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