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As with any store whether it is online or on the high street, most new visitors will window shop before they buy. They will look around but it is unlikely that you will sell from the first visit.  And especially online most visitors can visit anything up to 9 times before they buy from you. It is a repetitive process but it builds familiarity with your brand.

This is relevant to email marketing, imagine adverts on the television. How many times you would see them...after the 3rd time of seeing it you are more likely to trust the brand and go out and buy it. Email marketing uses this repetition process so eventually you will open one of the many emails you receive and are more likely to buy from the company because you are familiar with it.

When collecting email addresses you have to remember that the smallest distraction can occur and you could lose the visitor from your site. The door bell could go, the computer could crash or they could accidently close the browser. And that’s it, you have more than likely lost the sale. This is why it is important to secure an email address. This means that someone who may have been interested in your site can hear from you again. You could send them special offers, tips on buy8ing specific products you sell, monthly updates or a newsletter. This is then constantly making them aware that you are still there.

Even if your email isn’t effective the first time round that’s not to say the next time you send it that it won’t be. People’s moods change on a daily basis and it may have been the case that you caught someone on a bad day and the next time they could be in a good mood or actually require a product or service you have to offer. So unless they unsubscribe from your mailing list, it is perfectly fine to send them emails again.

Once you have gained a new customer and got the initial sale it is important to look after those customers as well as trying to get new ones. A repeat sale is so much more valuable than the initial sell. So not only are you making the effort to get email addresses, email to new people but you have to look after the people who have bought from you originally. A good campaign will easily churn out repeat sales.

Another good idea is to set up auto responders when someone buys from you. Just say you run a clothing store and somebody buys a pair of jeans from you. You could set up an auto responder email to email them just after the sale with up sells and cross sells such as offers on a matching shirt or some nice shoes. This works really well as the trust factor is there, if they have just bought from you and check their emails for a confirmation then they will see that email straight away and are more likely to go back there and then and buy more from you.

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