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Every one want to sell online and every one know the story as a part or some more. But the secret is the complete story. How many of us actually know the complete story that can sell online like burring the server. All the successful and top of the list online marketers are practicing it without leaking a single word to any one else. This article has unleashed the whole story which no one else would tell you, as no one would like to face a whole force of power full competitors.


I am disclosing it right here. It is hard to sell online, but if you know the technique, it’s fast, simple and easy. This technique is not complex, simply 1 2 3…and take your cheque of heavy commissions. First thing that you should keep in mind that mostly people are spectacle and not ready to trust any one easily.  So first thing you have to do is to let them try before they buy.

I think you have got the point, free trial offer. Yes, offer them a sample or limited features of the product to let them check out to win their trust. Now, use the same free offer as bate for your audience. Either you are writing a PPC ad for your customers, an attention grabbing article, a press release or what ever else. You can use this free offer as headline. So, at the same time you can hit two birds with the same aero. Nice point…. hum.


Let us move on to the next point, when some one finds this offer in an ad or any other source of appealing the customers they are going to click your ad or headline. Now, take them to yours free offer page. Here you have a sign up form for them in return of free offer. Just they enter the email address and the free offer is in their inbox. And at the other hand you have a lead.


Now, when a user has a free offer and he can take a test of the product or service. You can follow up and encourage him/her to the complete package by upgrading offer, with all power full features. This would build trust as free trial works and wins the trust. It would further encourage the user to attempt the full package of product or service to get full benefit of the offer. So, thus, you make a sale in 3 simple steps.

How Can I do iT?

I know mostly readers would be thinking now, it is really simple and effective but how to create a great product or service, how to drive out the free offer from it. How to set up professional website with signup form on it. How to blast the offer to targeted customers.

I would place here an example of  Brad to take a start with, it has products with great futures and all products have sample offers and trial offers. They also offer you to join as affiliate and so you can use ready made website, ready made products, ready made free trail offer, and ready made sign up form and so on…. The only draw back is drop in profit, as an affiliate you would have a percentage of sale/ profit and not the whole amount. But good news is that normally you can have 50% or above as your commission amount.

You don’t need to even follow up the persons who grab the free offer. As their email contacts would be captured by the site owner he himself would do the rest of the job. You only have to do online traffic to the picked site you u join as an affiliate.

So, tryout the ultimate traffic sources with cheap prices for mass exposures to you affiliate link as listed bellow article and get, the last one is best for email lists.

So, what are you waiting for…Get Set Go.

This article is free to spread to every where. I wrote this article after getting over impressed by the rule of nature “ knowledge grows when shared” So I would suggest you to help spread this rule by applying first at your self and encouraging other to do so. Keep your little knowledge shared with others and you would find your knowledge jumping and leaping like every thing. Tried and Trusted

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