Article marketing is one of the most powerful and targeted internet marketing strategies for driving traffic and gaining sales in your online home based business. It is a very effective way to make money from the internet where the prospects are already interested in the value you are giving and are interested in finding out more about you and your business.


In this article on best free internet marketing techniques I will help you to wite great headlines for articles.


The headline is extremely important in creating interest in your writing and if the title is lacklustre no one will go any further. The headline must grab the reader's attention and make them want to read on. There are many techniques that will help you get your articles read and copywriting is a skill which all internet marketers will have to master in order to be successful.


How do you create great headlines?


The first tip is to go to some of the higher profile article publishing sites to get an idea about what the industry leaders are using as their headlines. Think of internet marketing gurus like Mike Dillard, Jay Kubassek, David Schwind or Jay Abraham for starters. Study their copy and get ideas from them. There are many great copywriters who specialize in online home based business and to study a number of these top performers will give you an idea on how to approach this art.


The tricks are too numerous to cover here but titles such as:

  • the secrets of...

  • what they don't want you to know about...

  • the ugly truth about...

  • could this be true?...

  • from ... to... in 2 weeks – how I did it!...

  • Don't read this if you want to...

  • Tricks and tips to improve your...

This is just a small sample of the thousands of potential attention grabbers.


Also if you type in best or greatest headlines for articles into Google for instance a wealth of information will appear to assist you with many more ideas and methods.


Of course one of the crucial aspects of your title is to include your well researched keyword into the headline. This will be recognised by the search engines particularly if it is repeated in the body of the article and your tags. So keyword research is crucial to your visibility on the internet.


So do your research and make sure your articles are not only rising to the front pages of the search engines but the prospects who come across your articles are curious enough to read the entire piece and will feel the need to click on your links to find out more.


I wish you all the best with your article marketing. It is fun and incredibly rewarding for the home based internet marketer.

Mike Morgan is an award winning internet entrepreneur, mentor, business coach and marketing strategist who runs his business from his home at Muriwai Beach in New Zealand. Mike works with a team of top global entrepreneurs who have developed a powerful business system which is producing incredible results for those who use it. Visit for more on this business or find out more about Mike Morgan at

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