Using Article Marketing For Your Internet Marketing Biz!

People are searching the internet for all types of interesting topics.

There are all types of online advertising, and article marketing is right at the top of very important. So just how important is article marketing for your internet marketing business?

A little story first.

One year my husband and I went Salmon fishing. There were bow to bow boats in the salty bay trolling for that big fish of the day. All of a sudden someone shouted, Fish On! We all pulled in our lines, because when it comes to salmon fishing, that is just fish etiquette. Everyone watched as this guy struggled to hold on to his pole. His pole was bouncing up and down very rapidly.

Pretty soon there was a tremendous splash, the guy went over the side of his boat. We all started going slowly towards his boat, as not to chew him up with our prop. All of a sudden up comes this guy, he climbed back into his boat, soaking wet with sea weed from head to toe. He looked like some sea monster. He stood up in his boat and started yelling with excitement. I got it, I got it. Everyone shouted, The fish? No! He had saved his brand new pole.

So what does this story have anything to do with article marketing? The first thing you want to do when writing an article is tell a story. A good story will keep people interested in reading your article. Did it work?, if your still reading, means it worked!

Your article needs to be at least two hundred and fifty words in content. There are a few article sites that want them to be more than five hundred words. You should have your keywords in the title and at least three to four times in the body. A tip, do not saturate your article with keywords or it could be considered spam and will get rejected. A good site to find keywords are in Google keyword search tool. It is a free tool and easy to use, just type in your search bar, Google Keyword Tool.

There are a least fifty or more article sites to submit your article to. Some of the sites I use are, Ezinearticles, Amazines, Articlebase, Pubarticles and Goarticles. All of these sites are free sites to use and pretty easy. There are also software tools or programs that will submit your article to multiple article sites for you.

When setting these sites up you need to make sure you put in a really good profile with a picture of yourself. In your profile tell them all about you and have links to your website for people to go to. Some sites you submit articles to will not let you put links in your article, that is why a good profile with all your links is a must.

Every article site needs a short description. Short meaning 225 characters or less. Make your description captures your readers attention. The description is where people look first before reading your article. You need it to be interesting so they will continue reading to find out more.

So, If you really want to get a lot of targeted traffic to your website, article marketing for your internet marketing business or for any online business is a must.

Julianne Rowat, the author, is an internet marketing entrepreneur. She has wrote other articles, press releases and has videos on motivation, self improvement, and FAQ about having an internet marketing business. Her husband is a retired fire fighter/ paramedic. They have 4 children and 6 grandchildren. They travel all around the United States in their motor home while working their internet marketing business. Their mission is to help others all over the world succeed in their own internet marketing business. You can read more about them in their blog at: or check out their business at Her and her husband also have another business that will save you fuel mileage and help purify our air quality. Go green at

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