A Beginners Guide To Bum Marketing

The concept of bum marketing is that it is a system of marketing so easy a bum grabbed off the street can do it.  With bum marketing the goal is to create a whirlwind of articles, back links and anything else that you can use to your advantage without spending a dime.  In this particular article I will go through a number of ways that this can be achieved.

Long Keywords - Keywords are essential to bum marketing and internet marketing in general and when they are used properly it will make a world of difference in terms of traffic from search engines.  The big issue concerning keywords is that the so called obvious ones have been used so much that the competition surrounding them is just too much to be able to compete using bum marketing methods.  So what you want to aim for is the use of long tail keywords.  An example would be Bum Marketing which there is a ton of traffic and competition but if we use The Benefits Of Bum Marketing the competition level drops dramatically and there is a better chance of ranking high in search engines.

Squidoo - There are a number of free resources where you are able to create web pages or blogs very quickly but my favorite is Squidoo.  With a Squidoo lens I am able to have a site that the search engines find quickly, freedom to use my long tail keywords, be able to promote a number of products and have a top level domain that can be linked to from the majority of article directories.  There are certain topics that Squidoo will not let you cover so check that out before you begin.

Articles - Articles are the gas that is going to run your bum marketing engine and this particular motor needs a ton of fuel.  The hard part is not actually writing the articles but coming up with enough topics to write about the same product without repeating yourself over and over again.  Like I said earlier the number of articles that you should write needs to be pretty large especially if you are in a competitive niche.  The Four Day Money Making Blueprint crew talk about creating dozens of articles for each topic and if it is a safe bet that they know what they are talking about.

Bum marketing is a very strong way for you to begin the process of making money online without having to dig into your wallet.  To learn more about this particular marketing strategy I suggest that you check out The Four Day Money Making Blueprint which breaks each step down so that you fully understand what bum marketing is all about and the best way to incorporate the strategy.  In terms of price it is under thirty dollars for the whole package including access to a forum which is extremely helpful.

To learn more about The Four Day Money Making Blueprint check out my Squidoo lens at http://www.squidoo.com/fourdaymoneymakingblueprintbummarketing or check out a review of The Four Day Money Making Blueprint

I am a former Social Worker working from home

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