Small Business vs Affiliate Marketing. Which is better?

Everyone's dream is to one day be able to fire their boss and become their own boss. The idea of working for yourself is a very attractive idea. The reality that this can happen overnight usually stops most in their tracks. Most people can't get a successful business off the ground because of two main factors; 1. money and 2. risk. The fear of failure play’s a major role in many peoples decision to venture out on their own and start their own business.

Starting a traditional small business requires you have quite a bit of start up capital. You have to pay rent for your building, purchase your products to stock your store shelves, pay for equipment and even pay your employees. Once you have all of those ducks in a row now you have to have a substantial marketing budget. This is the big killer.

The high financial risk of starting a business is what ends most people's dreams even before they get started. Statistics show that 90% of all small businesses fail within the first year. If you're lucky you will make it through the first year and have a legitimate chance to be successful. Keeping your head above water financially will also be a challenge. It could be five to seven years before seeing any significant profit. Most people can't wait that long because they were under financed when they started their business in the beginning. That’s what makes Affiliate Marketing such an attractive business model. There is low financial risk and there are very minimal overhead costs.

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