Christian Marketing: #1 Marketing Mistake

Ministry Marketing Mistake To Avoid Online What is the number one ministry marketing mistake people make in their marketing plan online? Real easy answer. They try to sell! They operate out of fear ( "I have to pay that bill…I need to make money for my ministry") and that results in trying to push their services and products on people. It is not just a ministry marketing mistake, but also a business marketing mishap that many people step into when going to the internet to make money or sell/promote their products or services. Check out the majority of posts on twitter. What do you see? Yep. SPAM city. But you don't have to make that mistake. Learn a lesson from my mentor to avoid this ministry marketing mistake. As you might know, my friend, Stephen Pierce, started out in the futures and commodities niche ten years ago. He gave away free daily trades five days a week for a year.He shared more details than most paid advisory services. He didn't make any money that first year. He focused on providing value, even though he was homeless for part of this time and was in desperate need of money. He knew he was onto something when he took a vacation and phones started ringing. People were upset because they were dependent on his free daily trades. Most marketers don't start out the way Stephen did. And he has amplified to me this error. I see it everywhere. I cringe if I see someone make this ministry marketing mistake on Facebook or Twitter. The #1 mistake most marketers make when starting out is to sell something right away. They create a website and begin selling their own product or an affiliate product, or ministry book, etc They go on twitter other other social media sites and push and push the product. This seems like such a logical thing to do but it misses a very important step.... creating value. So here are 5 steps you can take to create value so you can create wealth....a clear path to avoid a ministry marketing mistake in your market plan: 1.) Instead of asking yourself "what should I sell?" ask yourself, "Am I truly providing value?" One way to determine if you're providing value is to ask yourself if what you have would be missed if it was made unavailable for a time. 2.) Share your value through social influence. Condition your market in such a way that people will automatically click when you put something out. Focus on contributing to your market. Focus on serving. 3.) Showcase your ability by building social capital. Social capital can only be earned by sharing and by showing. You can't buy it. Share and show....don't sell and spam. 4.) Find the GAP in your market. GAP = Goals, Activities,Priorities. When you know the GAP, things like writing copy, producing a ministry video, writing a book, creating a marketing plan..... and delivering value become easy. 5.) Value increases something people in your market want more of or decreases something they want less of. Sometimes these are simultaneous. Take a sheet of paper. On the right side write the word "increase." On the left side write the word "decrease." Look at how your product or service or ministry increases what your market wants and decreases what they don't want. When you create value in this way you won't be able to stop the resources from coming in. When you serve with integrity and in a spirit of excellence, more opportunities will come your way!

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