Bulk Email Marketing: Three Basic Tips for Success

Upon hearing the terms “bulk email”, some people automatically think of spam.  The relentless clan of spammers have given the email marketing world a blemish it will never be able to completely recover from.  Because of this steadily growing problem that has had an adverse affect on so many internet users, today’s marketers must take various measures to shake the spam label all while trying to maintain the effectiveness of their campaign.  It is hard work, but these tips will give you an idea of how you can get the most from bulk email and distance yourself from spam.

1. Employ a Permission-Based Strategy

2. Get on the Whitelist

The exact opposite of a blacklist, a whitelist is a list of email addresses the subscriber wants to receive mail from.  If your email address is on this list, then you will not have to worry about spam filters preventing your mail from reaching the subscriber’s inbox.  Why bother if you are not sending spam?  Because while they have good intentions, spam filters are far from perfect.  These applications are infamously known for allowing cleverly crafted spam mail to pass through while blocking important messages from legitimate marketers who have acquired permission.  The whitelist offers a solution to this dilemma, allowing users to compile a list of senders they want to receive mail from.  If you want to maintain a connection with your subscribers, ask them to put your email address on this list. 

3. Keep Your Campaign Simple and Straightforward

A bulk email campaign should consist of messages that get straight to the point.  These days, people do not have time to read long blocks of text or copy that makes them feel as if they are being sold to.  Realizing this, you should make it a priority to keep your message simple and straightforward, while capturing and maintaining the reader’s interest at the same time.  This goes for your subject lines, as well as the text contained in the body of the message.  Failing to realize the importance of this aspect is an easy way to lose readers and have them forwarding your mail to the trash. 

Bulk email marketing is currently being used as a promotional tool by companies of various sizes.  It is fairly inexpensive and can be very effective when following the best practices. 

Jamie Colbs is a html email newsletter templates best practices activist advocate for Benchmark Email , a leading Web and permission-based email marketing service.

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