I always laugh when people tell me article marketing strategies don't work.

The reason they say this is because of their lack of knowledge in what to do.

As well as a lack of actual solid principles on article marketing strategy...

This is what most people do when it comes to article marketing...

They find keywords that they think will work, then they go make sure

there enough searches by people...

They write the title, intro and the body.

Then they write a author signature.

Then they look at it over and over again to see if they've gotten any views.

They probably get 50 to 100 views throughout the next couple months and then they quit...

And that's to sad because article marketing works!

You just need certain components to make sure you succeed.

Now, Im not going to talk about writing your article or keyword
research in this post, if you don't know how to do those things
check out my other articles or posts and they will teach you how to do them.

What Im going to teach you about here is how you get your article noticed by the search engines so they give you lots of love in the way of indexing you higher.

Here is exactly what you need to do right after you submit your article:

1.) Get a account at onlywire.com and post your article there to the 22 bookmarking & status sites. Immeidiatly this will notify the search engines and your article now becomes noticed...

2.) Now we have to go out and get back-links for our article. I
recommend you spin your articles with a "article-spinner" this will create many copies of the same article written completely different.

3.) Grab those spun copies and submit them via a mass submitter to all the article sites on the web and in the author box put a link to your anchor article which is the one you originally wrote. I recommend using your blog, as your original piece of content, but if you don't have one use Ezine articles as your anchor article site.

Doing this will create hundreds of back-links to your original piece of content, this will in-turn alert the search engines that their is a important peice of content.

You can think of each back-link like a brownie point in the eyes of Google...

That it! Hardly anybody does this and it's the Number 1 reason why people never have mass success with article marketing.

Remember the whole purpose with this is to create back-links for your original peice of content, which is like injecting your article with steriods when it comes to the search engines...

More backlinks equals More Views equals More Traffic equals more Money...


Dwayne Phelps is a Internet Marketer who retired at 25 From his job. He has shown thousands of people how to make money online fast, by leveraging the use of systems. You Can Learn More About Him Here: http://DwaynePhelps.com

Article Source:http://www.articlesbase.com/internet-marketing-articles/article-marketing-strategy-do-what-no-one-does-for-mass-success-1693947.html


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