The Process of getting traffic and making sales with your website is not as hard as you may think. Certainly there are a variety of methods, and each have there pro's and con's but its important to find which method works for you. I'm going to describe a method I use to drive traffic to a website, and hopefully you will find this method as useful to you as I have found it.

Article marketing is a very easy way to make a connection between yourself and your readers, due to the fact you are offering up your hard one knowledge freely.

Before even attempting to write an article for promotional purposes you should do some keyword research to see what keywords within your niche are being searched for. By doing this you are far more likely to get readers, which means the article you write will be more valuable.

Now you know which words are being searched for you can write an article around them. Make sure that the article you create is going to deliver value to the reader, as there is no point creating something that will be read and ignored by many. If your interested in getting traffic to a website and making sales, you need to show your value to your potential customer, from start to finish.

The title of your article should describe what your article offers but must contain your chosen keywords. This will ensure that both your readers and the search engines know what their getting, right from the start.

Next you will have to write a preview. Your article preview will show up in the search engine results, so really needs to contain your keywords. Have you ever noticed how Google show all the keywords in bold within their results page. If you use your keywords wisely, you will have lots of bolded text to grab a web surfers eyes.

The main article body absolutely has to deliver on what was sold in the title. If you don't do this your readers will feel you haven't delivered, and that's a terrible way to start a business relationship.

Make sure your article body contains your keywords at least a few times, as its important that search engines know what your article is about.

Now you will be tempted in your article body to start trying to sell your idea. Don't do it, the article body is just for you to give help to the readers. Its easy to slip midway though your article into a sales pitch but if you do your article will probably not be accepted.

In the resource box you should try to pitch your own services, and its totally expectable to do so. I recommend not going mad with self promotion though. Just tell them what you do and provide a link back to your website. If their interested and really want to find out more information they will click it.

Remember that if you always offer value, then getting traffic to your website and making sales should be a breeze.

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