3 Tools Needed for Marketing on the Internet

Whether you are just starting an online business or have been marketing on the internet for some time it is absolutely critical to maintain a noticeable presence. Losing the ability to keep contact with existing customers or to attract news ones could easily crush a business. It is therefore essential to all online entrepreneurs that these communication channels be maintained. With that said there are certain things that anyone marketing online should not be without.

Here are 3 tools vital to all online entrepreneurs in order for them to generate new business while also maintaining their existing customer base.

Keyword Research Tool

Most all online entrepreneurs are aware of the importance of keyword research and its impact of attracting search engine traffic. Having a good keyword research tool is worth its weight in gold when you are marketing online.

There are many research tools available for free and versions you pay for. It is important to find one that fits all your needs and learn how to use it. A keyword research tool is something you will be using almost daily for optimizing your websites, blogs and any type of content you intend to distribute online.

Reliable Hosting

Locating a reliable hosting account is vital to ensuring that all your sites stay active online. If for whatever reason your site goes 'down' you are for the time being out of business. Unless you do not mind the loss of income this is something you will want to avoid. There are countless hosting companies available online that you can research.

By conducting simple searches you will be able to find reviews and customer feedback on many host providers. What you are looking for is a provider that displays a history of reliability and provides 24 hour customer care in the event your site experiences difficulties.


Assuming that your intentions are to build a sizable list, and they should be, you will need an auto-responder that will help you to maintain contact with list members.

Much like hosting providers you can conduct research on auto-responders that reflect great customer feedback and at a fair price. You are looking for an auto-responder that has a high rate of delivery when sending out your emails.

When marketing on the internet you can not afford to lose contact with the global community at large or your existing customers in particular. Being out of contact for even a short period of time could severely damage your business. It is therefore important whether you are a seasoned marketer or just starting an online business that you have some means with which to communicate with the market. The 3 tools we discussed above will provide those means.

TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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