Many internet marketers know Cost Per Action (CPA) marketing which is in the form of Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. These ppc campaigns have been the bedrock of driving traffic to websites. Many using the ppc campaigns of google, yahoo & msn over the past 6 years have had great success. However now a days they are getting more costly to use. Costs for bidding on high ranking keywords keep going up it's not uncommon to pay from $5.00 up to $30.00 per click or more now a days on highly competitive keywords for getting keyword targeted traffic to every serious internet & affiliate marketer’s site or landing page. You may have been using google adwords for years with great success and your site has been generating lots of income then suddenly you are one of the unlucky ones getting the “Google Slap” yahoo & bing are also starting to play these games as well.

With google it seems to time just right when you reach your peak and your online business is booming. Are they monitoring you then trying suck even more money out of your profits? Well if it is true no way your going to prove it so you have to live with it. With the Google Slap your told that the key words your currently using on your ad campaign are not relevant to your site or landing page. Regardless if it's true or not thus cutting off your campaign making you have to bid on different key words increasing your expenses & headaches. Wait! their is yet another tactic. Yes the 2nd google slap! Again from your friends at google. You are informed with little to no warning that the key words you have been bidding on (which were costing you $1.00 per click not bad) are now going to be increased to as high as $50.00 per click overnight... Say What! What can I do now? Is there any relief in site?

PPV (Pay Per View) To The Rescue!

Just now coming onto the internet cpa marketing scene is PPV (Pay Per View) marketing. This new marketing concept actually is not new it has been used by TV networks encouraging TV watchers to buy major sporting events. Such as live prize boxing events etc. from cable networks as far back as 1981. Now ppv is available for use on the internet. What is ppv marketing for the internet? In all honesty It’s adware. Usually adware is downloaded to ones computer via several companies who offer freebees such as screen savers etc. A couple sites come to mind & Both offer you screen savers free and the 1 caveat (in the ultra fine print) is that you accept to receive advertising for using there services free.

You might not have even been aware you accepted this. While it takes some work to remove the adware most people don't have the computer experience to remove it. Of those people many don’t bother having it professionally taken off to save money so they live with it. Other folks don’t mind it and figure it is just “normal” to them. Talking in global terms the amount of computers all over the world that have adware installed one way or another on them is an absolutely huge number so much so that it makes this platform of marketing very effective. Is adware legal? YES. Opposed to spyware which is illegal. Even if your making good money today on your ppc campaigns you could be making a lot more money while drastically reducing costs and drastically increasing traffic volume in which you could have ever possibly achieved with any ppc campaign. If your paying insane prices these days to google, yahoo or msn for your ppc campaigns please read on.

How does ppv work?

PPV marketing is very cheap opposed to google adwords. here your bidding on keywords same as you would for google. When a computer user with a computer loaded with adware searches your keywords a browser will open "ON TOP" of their google search results with your ad which are called Pop Overs. Your ad will be keyword targeted to the computer users search and you will see higher click thru rates to your landing pages or sites, better conversions & sales at a fraction the cost of using google adwords marketing. Better still not only are you able to bid on keywords but also Urls. Now when someone with adware installed  onto their computer searches a url that you have bid on your whole site or landing page jumps up right in front of their 2 eye balls. Your product or affiliate product is exactly what this person is looking for.

This is "Laser Targeted Traffic" directed to a specific computer users needs and wants. Plus now they have your complete attention, your site or landing page, your product or affiliate product etc right in front of their eyes. You can’t get a better match for a customer & seller than this. Bidding costs for the urls & keywords for ppv can be as little as .01cent per click for such laser targeted traffic. Currently pay per view is still in the ground breaking stages and people that have already started using this platform now are reaping the benefits and saving thousands of dollars from what they were paying google on larger campaigns. However being ppv is still in it's infancy their are lots of opportunities still for you to get in on the ground floor level. You will get your share of this massive flow of traffic and save a fortune in pay per click costs too. PPV is the Best Choice for online marketers. Ever wish that you only had to pay for each click for people who actually looked at your landing pages, sites, cpa promotions, views on articles etc. With ppv the addition of being able to bid on urls will increase your chances for closing that sale 20 fold by having your laser targeted site or landing page pop up right in front of them.

John Bryant is an online product reviewer. Learn more about how to increase traffic to your website by visiting Discover the truth behind CPA Marketing - Driving Massive Traffic To Your Website.

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