Viral marketing is said to be an Internet Marketing technique that increases the brand awareness and helps to achieve the marketing objectives of a particular company. It is a self replicating process that acts like a pathological virus or a computer virus. It can be based on a mouth to mouth word or can be enhanced by the use of the web world. Web masters are keenly interested in availing the benefits of viral marketing because they help to identify individuals with great social networking potentials that appeal to the rest of the population with a high probability of passing them to others.

Viral marketing pejoratively refers to the Internet Marketing campaigns that are undertaken for the purpose of advertisements that create a solid impression on the viewers. It is an effective form of marketing that may use various forms like video, flash games, e-books, images, text messages etc. There are varied techniques to be used for viral marketing but it is important to focus on only one strategy at a time so as to utilize and gain the best results out of it. Though it is one of the cheapest marketing campaigns that traditional advertising needs, it is to be remembered that viral marketing is one among the many components of your marketing strategies. It can be combined with other essential and effective business marketing strategies that will help you to generate quality traffic to your website and genuinely contribute to your success.

Know the Different Methods of Viral Marketing

Emails: One of the easiest and simplest methods is email. It can be in the form of articles or advertisements which are sent to a large number of people based on your mailing list and if it results in forwarding the mail to other friends or known persons then viral marketing occurs.

Web forms: Various forms are available on the web and if your click on them, you are asked to fill in certain details that might include e-mail addresses. You are prompted to send something to your friend and if you willingly pass it to others, it is viral marketing.

Blogs: An effective viral marketing can be done through blogs. The links or information contained on a blog can often be copied to some other blogs and this increases the reach. With numerous blogs published on the internet, you can expand exponentially.

Forums and Messages: Sending links through different messages or forums can be considered to be another type of viral marketing. A link that is present in a forum or chat room can often lead to greater links to your website than you might even expect.

Bookmarking: Allowing an easy process to your audience so that they can bookmark your website, can lead to expanding your network. If a visitor bookmarks your website, the potential of viral marketing gets enhanced.

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