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Are you looking for more information about the affiliate marketing program tool called AffPortal? This is a portal that, like many other online services, offers pay per click and pay per view tools. However, this software does offer me with many more useful features that I have not managed to find with other tools. This Affportal membership portal offers a wide range of PPC and PPV Tools, plus additional tools to help to save more time with Pay Per View campaigns.

1. How Does AffPortal Help You With Cost Per View Marketing?

The CPV (cost per view) marketing method refers to an advertiser paying for ads to show up on another site owner's website through pop ups and pop unders. CPV is a very new form of marketing that is slowly catching on to be one of the most effective methods.

As a form of contextual traffic generation method, advertisers would have to bid on URLs and keywords in order for their ads to show. This bidding and management process can be extremely time consuming. AffPortal helps the marketer here by cutting down on the time the marketer needs to spend on creating new campaigns and managing them.

2. What Are Some of the Advantages That Aff Portal Can Help You To Gain Over Your Competition?

As a member of AffPortal, I get access to download all the resources and training materials inside the membership area. One of the ways that AffPortal has helped me tremendously is in the management of keywords. For example, it can generate lists from different countries through the specific country search function.

After generating the separate lists, I can easily move lists from tool to tool easily. The owner of this software, Corey Bornmann, is constantly making new improvements to the tool according to the feedback that he receives from his clients through his support channel.

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