Article Marketing – The Advantages

Have you ever wondered what can be the reason behind the immense popularity of article marketing? To begin with, it is a low-cost venture. One writer can write thousands of articles and post them in submission directories for free. After article submission, the articles will be distributed with the help of RSS. As soon as it is distributed and people start reading the content, they will click on the link posted in the bio box. In this way, the websites will increase the number of backlinks. Thus article submission in relevant directories include that the name of your brand is spread across the internet. At the same time, thanks to the links in your resource box, an increased number of people visit your site. This means more traffic and more business for you!

Since the advent of online business article marketing has been one of the most effective techniques of marketing your business online. This has further flourished under Web 2.0 generation of business. This generation has seen the flourishing of a number of social networks like LinkedIn and Face book. As a result now article marketing has become a much more interactive process; nonetheless the popularity of article marketing concept has not diminished at all. Even today it remains one of the most effective methods of search engine optimization.

It is a well accepted fact that simply creating a website is not enough; it is essential to market it. For that it is essential that your site is ranked high in search engines. Through various techniques of search engine optimization a webmaster ensures that a site is ranked high in search engine- the process of article submission is one such effective SEO technique. Through article submission and article marketing, many companies have noticed a change. The change is mostly observed in case of the web traffic. The method of article submission has been effective in attracting the attention of web traffic. In fact when you submit valuable information related to your business in reputed web directories you are likely to establish yourself as an authority in business; as a result you will draw more people to your website who will be keen to procure your products and services.

The rank of the website will increase if it manages to get more backlinks. The author's bio box in the submission directory where the author puts a small description of the author along with link of his website can be instrumental in bringing a lot of backlinks to the site. And if there is an increase in backlinks, one will definitely notice a change in the website ranking and it will be definitely for the better.

With free distribution of articles, many of the small business have benefited. This is a good marketing strategy which has helped the small organizations to get maximum exposure in this tough competitive world. offers guaranteed manual article submission service and article writing services. The author works for, which is the first SEO company in India to offer Article Marketing Services.

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