What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing?

This question would have been asked by almost every marketer especially Internet Marketers/Entrepreneurs. Affiliate Marketing is simply described as a popular means of promoting products/services whereby an affiliate is paid a commission for every customer gotten through his/her efforts. Commissions acquired by affiliates are paid based on;

(Pay-per-click)i.e. a certain value for each visit

(Pay-per-lead)i.e. a visitor who registers on a site

(Pay-per-Sale)i.e. commission for each successful sale

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money online plus it comes with the complete liberty of working at home while investing almost nothing except time and pure dedication (hard work). You'll have the chance to be your own CEO with affiliate marketing plain and simple.

Who is an Affiliate?

An "affiliate" will be aptly described as a middleman between consumers and merchants on an online platform. Your task as an affiliate is simple, all you do is find consumers (customers) and make specific products available to them as it interests them. Through the medium of an Affiliate Program, you are able to get paid based on commissions generated from every sale made. An affiliate has no product of his/her own as a matter of fact, so he/she is kept in business as long as Merchants exist.

Affiliate marketing can be very competitive, even though the whole concept sounds quite easy. There are thousands of marketers out there all in the same pursuit of being able to convert. This has led to many ideas one can use to up their conversions hence commissions.

That pretty much sums up a brief introduction to Affiliate Marketing. There are other concepts that need to be understood if one desires to go into such venture also one should now that this is not a get rich quick scheme, however the potentials are worthwhile.

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