Achieving success in any business requires lots of investigation, planning and energy.  Starting an Internet marketing business is no different.  To some it may seem there is an endless list of steps standing between them and their own Internet marketing success.  And there is so much to learn.  All you need to do is make one misstep or fail to move through everything in the correct order and you are doomed.  Here are five mistakes to avoid when starting their first online business effort.  

Mistake #1) Never create a product and hope there’s a market.  It is fine to tell yourself you have the best idea ever.  However it is definitely a mistake to assume anyone else will agree.  If you have a product idea make sure there are ready, willing and able buyers with a compelling problem, question or need that your product is spot-on to solve.  Thoroughly explore the marketplace.  Identify competition.  Learn the size of the marketplace.  Determine how your red-hot idea can be successfully positioned.  Then test the data you have found to verify your Internet marketing business can in fact succeed.

Mistake #2) Never ignore the need to take the right steps in the right order.  Don’t focus on shortcuts your first time through the Internet marketing business start-up process.  This is your chance to learn all about what’s required to perform each step in the process flow.  Jumping ahead is a fatal error for many new Internet marketing businesses.  Set yourself up for success by taking every step that is required to create a solid foundation for a successful business.  Just remember to keep marching forward.

Mistake #3) Never fail to seek help when it’s needed.  Achieving success does require a wealth of knowledge.  For many the best option to quickly learn is to seek expert help.  Make sure the expert you find is knowledgeable on the specified topic you are discussing.  Also make sure that expert has a style the meshes well with your preferred style of communication and learning.  Then start asking questions and become knowledgeable with the help of that expert.  

Mistake #4) Never fail to listen to and heed the help and advice from your expert when it is given.  This isn’t a time to argue.  You sought the help, and the expert you asked is right there doing exactly what you requested.  They are looking to share their knowledge.  They do not need nor want an argument from you every step of the way.  While it’s fine to ask questions, do not lose out on a great learning opportunity by arguing or sidetracking the discussion.

Mistake #5) Never fail to create a business plan upfront.  A business plan you are asking?  Who needs a business plan?  You need a business plan for your business.  It doesn’t need to be a 50-page document filled with lots of needless information.  However just the process of developing a solid plan will offer you a great deal of training and it also sets a roadmap for you to follow as you start your Internet marketing business.  And that roadmap just might lead you to your Internet marketing success!

To you Internet marketing success!

Interested to learn more of the secret formula of internet superstars? Get your "Online Business Basics" here. Bob Hamilton is an entrepreneur, author, writer, business consultant and trainer.

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