How is keyword relevancy related to your website marketing?

In a big way Sir, if you had to ask me objectively! The introduction may be a bit of an exaggeration, but keyword relevancy is often something that most webmasters disregard conveniently. Only for them to find out later that their page ranks pathetically, at least in terms of page quality! That is how important it is for webmasters to use relevant keywords on their webpage.

Let me give you an example for me to illustrate why keyword relevancy is so important and a lot of keyword research needs to be done even before you could add the meta keywords.

Assume that website A talks of selling electronics items, more specifically LCDs and Digital cameras. I would do a quick keyword search using the keyword search tool,

Almost quickly, the list of keywords I could use in the webpage would be

Electronics items

Electronics items for sale

Electronic items

Electronics closeouts

And some more…

Now, these are only some of the keywords I would have preferred to use due to their keyword relevancy. The next thing I would have to do is write the content according to these keywords, which will take me a step closer to achieve good page rank with Google.

Take the same website and with the same keyword research tool, how if I would have used the following keywords


Wholesale items

Wholesale electronics

Do you know what will happen here? Simple – The meaning of your page would change. In essence, you would have written the web content looking at the previous keywords, but here since the keywords are different, the content would be an absolute mess.

Look – You might still get traffic because the keywords just mentioned above are high traffic keywords. But, the problem is – You would not help the Google Page rank at all. In fact, don’t be surprised if your page gets ranked low in Google.

Conclusion –

Keyword relevancy is probably the most important aspect in your webpage. If your meta keywords are nowhere related to your web content, the quality of the page would be low. And most of you would know that a bad quality web page may not survive for long! On the other hand, a good quality web page would pull in traffic eventually, even if it happens with time.

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