Internet Marketing has many hands and article marketing is considered one of its most impactful torrents. Article marketing can be done by submitting articles into various sites. These article submission sites are generally known as article marketing directories. Considered a long term strategy to improve traffic count of a site, article directories are pretty powerful and effective way. There are many factors which make it a beneficial medium, including its free availability.

The articles submitted in an articles marketing directory are brilliantly stuffed with keywords. These keywords are very important for search engine ranking. Different search engines such as Google, yahoo, Bing look for the respective keywords and give placing to articles.

Some of the most famous article marketing directories are - •

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  • •
  • Ezinearticles and goarticles are some of the most famous article directories, which are used for internet marketing. They are considered the bench marks in article submission genre. They have their own approval system and they approve only those articles, which are written nicely and wisely filled with keywords.

    How to Create SEO Articles

    There are many components of SEO article writing. First factor deals with comprehensive research on keywords.

    • These internet marketing articles must be filled with keywords that are wide-ranging and relevant to the product, at the same time, it should be reader friendly as well.
    • Next factor of quality article generation is paying attention to the density of keywords in the article. The writer should put keywords in middle of article in an intelligent way, which does not kill the essence of the article. In general, good article submission directories accept an article with 2 to 4 percent of keyword density.
    • Grammar and sentence fragment an unavoidable part of tid-bits of article submission. Articles should be written correctively with no grammatical errors and sentences must be in coherent with the topic. It is intelligent to generate smaller sentences, as they make more impact. An expert writer always opts for smaller sentence to temp his reader.
    Though article marketing is a slower medium but none can deny with its impact on traffic generation.

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