We are taught that the more we give, the more we receive. You can doubt it or believe it but when it comes to online marketing, it is definitely true. The more marketing method you do the more customers or recruits you will have. I don’t know why anyone would involve himself with only a single online marketing strategy when more exposure equals more money.

The question is, will a single marketing method give you results? Will it make you successful? The answer is yes. I know one particular internet marketer who’s earning a lot with just a single online marketing strategy.

The most common and effective online marketing methods are paid advertisements such as pay per click and banner advertising, content marketing such as article marketing and video marketing, and social media such as twitter, facebook, and myspace.

Doing pay per click alone can give you massive results. It’s actually the choice of the majority of internet marketers. It also holds true with content marketing but this type of marketing strategy takes time and more effort to make than the other methods (for most people at least). Doing only one of the social media marketing may only give you minimal results although I have heard of some marketers who use social media as their primary marketing strategy.

People do this style because they may have a passion for doing one of the marketing modes. If you are very much into writing, you may only do article marketing and disregard the other methods. Doing a single online marketing strategy will surely give you results but doing all of them will give you massive results.

A business opportunity that offers resources on a wide variety of marketing strategies and teaches you to master a single online marketing strategy may be the best way to hone your skills in that particular marketing. Click here to learn more.

Alvin is a nurse who sees business as a better way to have time and financial freedom. You can visit his site at www.thebusinessadept.info and learn how to start your own business online and have the chance to design your lifestyle.

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