A website is a wonderful tool. It can be used to promote your offline business to attract new clients and increase sales. It can be used to generate sales for your online business. And you can even start a website for the sole purpose of generating passive income through various income streams. A website is a great way to make more money by getting more exposure, but a website is only as good as its ability to generate traffic. A website without a constant flow of traffic is worthless, no matter how well it is set up or designed. Traffic is king, and you ability to bring traffic to your site will determine your ability to use your website to accomplish whatever purpose you have for it, whether it be building your online or online business or generating passive income.

By learning and practicing the following website marketing strategies, I was able to increase the traffic volume on each of my website by over 1000%. They are easily mastered by anyone who takes the time to practice using them, and they are free. Thats what makes these guerrilla marketing strategies, as they make the most out of free and easy available advertising mediums. Integrate each into your marketing campaign and you will surely experience enhanced website traffic.

Search Engine Marketing
The search engines are the most popular way for people to find what they are looking for on the internet. Billions of searches are done each day, and millions of visitors are sent to deserving websites. Anyone who has a website needs to take time to get recognized, listed, and ranked by the search engines. SEO takes time to master and to practice, but the result it an automated source of free and targeted website traffic.

Article Submissions
Article marketing can be another great way to drive extra traffic to your website. Article marketing actually has two traffic benefits. For starters, anyone who reads your article can follow a link to your website. And secondly, your articles provide valuable inbound links from credible websites to yours, which is one of the biggest components of search engine optimization. Write short articles (about 500 words) on topics that will attract your websites target audience. You can submit your articles to various free article sites which can lead to a nice traffic and search engine ranking boost.

Social Media
Websites like Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter are used by millions of people, and they can be a terrific place for website owners to promote their sites and businesses to like-minded people. Find and join groups that are related to your niches, or start your own niche specific groups. You will not want to promote your site right away, but rather take time to build a reputable presence, to establish yourself as an expert in your field. Them people will be more than happy to visit your site for more info.

Use a Blog/RSS
There are two levels of traffic, unique visitors and return visitors. Both are great and both are essential to a long term thriving e-business site. Unique visitors are the ones that you get from your website marketing efforts. However, if you play your cards right you can turn this into a repeat visitor who will come back to your site over and over again. A blog with an RSS feed is a perfect way to establish a large following of return traffic. Make it easy to sign up for your blog or to subscribe to your feed, and then make sure that you regularly provide new and updated content that your visitors can enjoy.

Ben is a young entrepreneur who has several successful businesses under his belt, and enjoys sharing information on a wide range of business, financial, and entrepreneurial topics. Visit Free Website Marketing Strategies and the Home Business Success Blog

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