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Buzz marketing is a rather new word coined to describe the way that word can spread about a new and popular product. Some companies welcome, encourage, and create buzz marketing. Others aren’t as excited to hear about buzz marketing. One example of this is Apple, a company known for creating innovative products and software. Because of this, Apple has several fans who are excited to hear about the company’s new, secret releases. One website that discussed rumors about new Apple offerings was shut down because of a lawsuit from Apple, who was unhappy with the website’s buzz-generating content.

Most companies will welcome, encourage, and even create buzz marketing to promote new product offerings. Buzz marketing is so popular within some sectors that this marketing technique can even lead to trouble. One example is the Aqua Teen Hunger Force movie, a very small, independent cartoon movie intended for adults. In Boston, a marketing company was hired by the movie studio to generate buzz for the movie, which they did by leaving LED light boards all over the city displaying one of the movie’s prominent characters, a two-dimensional cartoon creature from the moon named Err. However, when these light boards were discovered, they were thought to be bombs, and traffic in Boston was shut down for hours as police tried to figure out what these strange light boards were all about.

In the minds of the marketing company employees, these light boards were a way to generate buzz about a new movie and ultimately get people to see the movie to see what the light boards were all about. Police didn’t feel the same way, and the movie studio agreed later to pay the city millions for the mistakes made by the marketing company. However, this example shows how willing modern companies are to generate buzz on their product offerings. Buzz is a way to get people to discuss a product or company around the water cooler. Buzz is something that piques people’s interests. Buzz is a fairly useful tool, assuming that buzz can be generated safely.

Marketing is a vital part of keeping an online business up and running. Without visitors, a site is nothing, so attracting new visitors is the most important marketing goal. Other websites may want to concentrate on getting better customers rather than just more customers, especially websites that cater to a specific or niche group. One way to do this is to use the power of search engines to gain new users and increase the website’s popularity.

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