Overview of Internet Marketing Methods

1.Search engine optimization:
SEO helps to improve the quality of traffic to website from search engine. There is organic-unpaid and paid type of search in search engine. You just need to target your search by choosing correct keywords.

2.Article marketing:
Article marketing is one kind of method of advertising your business by articles related to respective industry. Each article contains a bio box and a signature which contains contact information about the author. In many ways article marketing can help you to promote your business. Once you create articles directory is the place where you need to post articles.

3.Personal branding and positioning:
Personal Branding gives you presence on internet. It's the process in which you brand your name. People are conscious to see your presence on internet before buying something from you.

Blogs are types of website with graphics, videos, description, places for comments and all mode of social media connection. There are various types of blog such as personal blogs, corporate blogs, and media type blogs. Internet marketing focuses on personal blogs where one can put his or her lifestyle gallery, personal story, and the most important is the place for the people to leave comments.

Squidoo is a popular community website which allows user to create pages in the form of lens. Lenses are similar to blog posts, except on single subjects. Once can post favorite links and pictures on the lens.

6.E-mail invitation:
Send an e-mail to a person to whom you want to showcase your blog or a website.

Face book is the social media networking website used globally. You can add contact of as much people as you want and update them regularly about your information through your profile.

Twitter is a social media micro networking website. In many ways it is same as Facebook.

9.Video marketing:
YouTube is very popular video sharing website where you can upload and share your video with the world. This is the easiest way of marketing. Create a video about your business or the product you want to promote and upload it to YouTube.

10.Press release:
Press releases are meant for announcing something, it is a recorded or written communication directed at members of news media. Public relationship is the main purpose of press release and it also helps in attracting media attention to provide publicity for products or events marketed by clients.

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