Overview of Affiliate Marketing Technology

Do you need to know how this works? Not really, unless you are a web developer and looking into implementing this sort of affiliates marketing technology into your own website, or your client’s website. If you're just an affiliate marketer and want to understand a little more about how affiliate marketing technology works, then this article make a little easier to understand.

Cookie Enabled?
The first and the biggest is hoplink. A hoplink is a special link which is given to you, clicking on it will redirect to the merchant's website. They are now able to track who sent that referral, via cookies, and server scripts. When someone clicks on a link and it will redirect via hipline, then the affiliate marketing technology checks if user has 'cookies' enabled in their browser. If yes, they redirect to the main website, so the customer only sees 'ABC.com' in browser’s address bar. When a person clicks 'Buy', the website checks what the cookie says, and if there is an affiliate ID over there, it grabs it, and processes it.

Cookie Disabled?
You might be thinking, what if user doesn't have cookies enabled? Well, the affiliate marketing technology is very smart, it will keep address of the website at 'ABC.com/aff=789', or whatever. This is quite complicated, but will help to get your commission. When the person clicks 'buy', it simply generates affiliate ID, and as an outcome you will get your pay.

Usually, merchants are having a mailing list which has your name and email sort of stuff that simply tells the website which affiliate led to the person signing up. This simply means for any links sent out, they can put in your affiliate link. By the time you must be thinking affiliate marketing technology is smart. But still its basic compared to what people can do with computers now a day’s, still it is pretty smart and very cool.

You must have signed up to an emailing list which display thank you by your name on the next page. This is very fancy type of affiliate marketing technology, it's called CGI variables. Mainly it involves the name and email processor 'sending' the name or email to the next page. Then thank you page is able to use a bit of JavaScript to put in your name. This isn't specific to affiliate marketing technology; still it's a great way to personalize thank you pages that are sent to the customer.

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