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Video Marketing is one of the most powerful forms of inexpensive marketing online. Consider video marketing as a combination of Social Media and Article Marketing.YouTube is the most famous sites for video. On YouTube, you can make comments, subscribe to channels, and add friends, much as you do with Facebook. More importantly, you can give great content and build trust because people will get to see you and hear you.

Keep your videos short. No longer than five minutes, unless it's really good content and won't bore people. Most people will spare two to three minutes to learn a tip to two. In Video Marketing it's permissible to tell more about how your business can help people, but keep it to a minimum. You're providing content not a commercial.

Provide valuable content!

On YouTube for example, in the information box to the right, have your link to your blog or website so people can find you with a simple click. Make that the very first part of the description so people can easily find more about you and your website.

Video is great for "How To" topics, reviews, and showing people how to trouble shoot computer or Internet problems.

Video Marketing can lead to fast results even with limited views if you are consistent and make several videos each week. Remember each video stays out there helping market your service or product. One fishing line may not create instantaneous results, but each new video is another line waiting for a bite. After a few weeks of posting videos you'll have a lot of lines working for you all the time!

In each video you have two goals: 1) Educate the viewer and 2) Tell the viewer what to do next.

Video Marketers also should understand the concepts of personal branding. In your video account make sure you have your picture and short bio telling more about you. Besides the link in the description box of the video, make sure you have it in the biography section of your video account. Tell your story. Be yourself. You don't have to be perfect or slick in your presentation. In fact, being normal and a bit clumsy will give you more credibility. People are distrustful of slick advertising. Make a video and speak to the camera as if you're talking to your ideal costumer who already wants your service.

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