We have a digital video recorder on our TV and one of the shows my daughter records are reruns of the Ghost Whisperer on the SyFy Channel. I walked by when she was watching an episode where Melinda Gordon, the ghost whisperer, was having trouble getting a ghost dog to cross over into the light.

Fortunately Cesar Milan, a.k.a., the dog whisperer, was visiting Grandview (where Melinda lives).  Melinda got the opportunity to ask Cesar how to get a dog to go somewhere. Of course Cesar couldn’t see the dog to effectively evaluate the situation. But he said that most likely the dog wouldn’t go because it sensed that Melinda was afraid to go herself.

I didn’t stay and watch how Melinda got the dog to cross over, but Cesar’s advice got me thinking about leadership, online businesses, and Internet Marketing.

People are on the Internet looking for leaders every day. They’re looking for someone to show them how to build an online business. They are looking for someone they like and trust, someone who will show them what to do to succeed.

There are many “leaders” to choose from, so how do you pick one? This is where the lesson from Cesar comes in. In many ways, people who are looking for a leader will respond like the ghost dog Melinda was trying to help.

Just like Melinda had to show the ghost dog that going into the light was a safe and good place to go, you have to show people how to do things they have probably never done before. You have to show them the way. You do that through your internet marketing, which is how leaders promote themselves on the Internet.

The idea is to demonstrate that you are successful and can teach others how to succeed. Your marketing has to induce a sense of trust and confidence in people who are checking you out. They want to know that you will be there to support them if they pick you as their leader. If they sense that you are not genuine or sincere, they will not pick you as their leader, just like the ghost dog who wouldn’t go into the light when he sensed Melinda was afraid.

So ask yourself if you can you truly teach others and show them the way? Can people see that you are genuine? Will people want to join you? Would you join you?

Your online success is based on building relationships with others…a relationship built on trust and service to those who join you. You don’t have to be the total expert, especially when just starting out, but you do have to show confidence and the sincere desire to help others.  Are you willing to show the way?

Thanks again Cesar.

Happy Business Building,


Yolanda Allen is a retired Air Force officer and online business owner. Read more from Yolanda at her blog, http://www.OnlineBusinessPlankOwner.com. You can learn more about Yolanda’s online business from her business partner, Michael, a top producer, at http://www.InternetBizKnowHow.com/?t=abdw2. Enter your name and email address to get a complimentary business overview. Find out if this is the business that can help you earn the income you need to design the lifestyle you want.

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