First off I want to say that I am fairly new to internet marketing but have been making a full time living online and see a promising future as I work towards my goals. I am totally committed to succeed at this and will not give up on my dream.

I have tried internet marketing several times in the past, and spent a decent amount of money while trying to make it work, just to fail miserably every time. I knew there was a way but I just did know it. I did not know how because I did not have the proper education and training.

There are just so many programs you can buy that claim they can make you rick quick through online sales & through internet marketing. I am sure you have seen them on TV, in your email box and every where else you look.

Most universities and colleges don't teach in detail about how to make money online through internet marketing. You can go to school for years and not learn what you need to know to succeed in the REAL online marketing world.

The internet changes constantly and what worked today might not work tomorrow. That is why you should not spend hard cash learning in this in a traditional college. By the time you graduate 3/4 of what you learned would be obsolete. That is how fast the internet changes!

I have spent the last 3 months learning about internet marketing and I must tell you that I am finally making huge progress and just opened more 5 online affiliate search & compare stores last week. One store is a lighting and lamp store that has over 8900 products for sale, the next 2 are induction cooking comparison websites and the third is a food website with over 14,000 items in the product catalog including fine wines.

Online sales is a worldwide business. I have some of my Google ads showing in places like South Africa and Australia and these people buy my products.

The websites cost me absolutely nothing except for the $7.50 fee for registering the domain and a small $7 a month hosting fee. The website itself is free because I used free easy to use WordPress for my websites. I just found out about WordPress last month and now i am hooked because it's free and so simple to use that even a beginner can use it. I also help people for free if they need help installing it.

Yes, I must say that WAU taught me just about everything i know about internet marketing I use all the research tools they offer for free to members on a daily basis, these research tools save me hours everyday in my marketing research.

They gave me all the knowledge and tools i need to succeed and now the rest is up to me to put them to work.

If you are thinking about getting an education in online marketing or want to further your knowledge of internet marketing to compliment your current career then there is no need to go back to college. The internet is constantly changing. Google is for ever changing their algorithm and that is something no traditional College or University could never keep up with.

When Google changes its algorithm you can go from having top search results on the first search results page and overnight end up on the 39th page of the search results. How do you get your site back on page one again you might ask? I know the answer to this question because I learned how to deal with it and get back on track, but that's another article altogether.

Like anything, you get out of it what you put into it.

You also have to be a fighter and not give up easily because you will never know what you would have missed out on if you give up.

YOU WILL NOT GET RICH QUICK, however If you can do for a year what others won't, then you can do for a lifetime what others can't!

I live by this saying and it has inspired me to push harder every day towards my goal.

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