Integral Components of Internet Marketing

Beginners who are just starting out in the online market will find it terribly difficult to compete without the proper knowledge of internet marketing basics. For starters, online marketing is simply another way to market business through the World Wide Web. With the increasing demands of advertising channels, online marketing provides marketers a unique opportunity to specialize their advertising efforts through several methods. And these methods are compiled within the numerous elements of web marketing.


Any internet marketing efforts should begin with the website. This is probably akin to setting up a remote headquarters for the business. This component further consists of other elements, which include texts and images, and probably audio and video as well. All these are utilized to convey the overall message of the business and to inform customers of the benefits and features of the products and services offered. 


Marketing through email is also a vital part of the web marketing process. This is an essential method of distributing information regarding the company’s services and products. Furthermore, this method is also crucial for getting feedbacks and insights from customers either existing or would-be. 

Search Engine Marketing 

The most important element of internet marketing is probably search engine marketing or simply SEM. This is a type of marketing strategy that utilizes the search engine capabilities. By optimizing the website or the overall online business operations for search, some of the major search engines will display the company’s domain through their results pages. This in turn will yield increased traffic eventually. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the widely-used marketing strategies for online businesses. This is as described above – website optimization. PPC or pay-per-click advertising is another method, which makes use of banners that can direct traffic to the website. 

Banner and Blog marketing 

First, banner advertising is the practice of placing ads on another website for a specified fee. Generally, the more popular the website is, the higher the ad placement fee. This is certainly a lot like putting ads on magazines and newspapers. 

Blog marketing, on the other hand, is another marketing element, which makes use of online forums and comments section to advertise and promote the company’s products and services. 

Article Marketing 

Another important component of internet marketing is article marketing. By producing and submitting well-written, content-rich articles to the write directories, the business can eventually experience an increase in traffic as well as potential customers. It is important for the articles to be filled with useful information to increase the likelihood of syndication or re-publication. 

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