I first met Cedrick Harris while listening to him talk on a webinar for MLM Lead System Pro earlier this year and was amazed to find myself engrossed with the computer screen listening hard and attempting to soak up every last bit of data he was giving away. The expression Dynamic is to soft to explain Cedrick.

I very abruptly realized that the man on top of the mountain and the most successful in MLM Lead System Pro was day in and day out, always receiving results most individuals only dream of and this was no mistake. The regular habits and actions that Cedrick takes to produce his success make me exhausted just thinking about. But my vigor is getting better.

Cedrick Harris is formerly from Richmond, Virginia and at this time lives in Tampa, Florida. He began his MLM career in 1993 after an particularly profitable business in Real Estate becoming the President of Marketing for the nations largest VA Mortgage lender leading his group to produce $1 Billion in finance revenue in less than 2 years , along with other things.

Cedrick always states that he has made it a habit of modeling the most successful persons he can becomes aware of and this has been the most vital factor in his success in life.

Cedrick became certain that the mortgage market was bottoming out in 2005 and made a huge decision. He invested in his future and spent over $50,000 on his edification though meetings and a extensive quantity of teaching courses, he began his career into online marketing using Network Marketing as his career of choice. He made an exciting observation in 2006 as he initiated his MLM career full time. He came to the conclusion that the same techniques he was using in 1993 were still being utilized by each MLM business in 2006.

Considering the most successful people in this industry and having learned from his time and money spent in instruction, he knew there was a better technique to get the job done and he committed himself into Attraction Marketing, never to look back. Since he combined his talents with the turn key funded proposal and web-based attraction marketing system at MLM Lead System Pro, the consequence has been unparalleled.

His mixture of online and offline marketing talents, prospecting approach, and incomparable perseverance are an absolute matchless combination as can be demonstrated on the MLM Lead System Pro leader boards. His name has been at the number one position for such a long time he is wearing out the pixels on the computer screen.

Cedrick admits that he now makes more than $700 per day from people who don’t join his primary business. If you are paying attention, he pulls in $250,000 a year just from MLM Lead System Pro. That is incredible. Even though he has success, he is one of those uncommon mentors who can tutor his group and the people around him how to have success.

Mr. Harris markets through Team Takeover Marketing Inc which includes 2000 online marketers who are mentoring people, as Cedrick Harris states, to take back their life both financially and mentally.

His philosophy has been borrowed from Dale Carnegie that states, “In order to accomplish any of your own goals, you must work on assisting others reach their goals.”

The closer you stand to Cedrick Harris, the better. Click on the link below and learn how to get paid today while learning the correct and most profitable way to build your MLM Business. There is so much material and so many mentors at MLM Lead System Pro that you will be in for the ride of your life.

When you are ready to stop struggling in Your MLM, Take a Look Inside and see how the real Internet Marketers Dominate and Walk on Stage. Yes, I'm READY

David G. Heon, MD

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