Coca-Cola created a new office of digital communications and social media earlier this year. Clyde Tuggle, senior vice president of corporate affairs and productivity at Coca-Cola, explained why: "Mass media is declining in importance. Our future success depends on our continued ability to connect people to our brands and our company all around the world, one person at a time. Our new office of digital communications and social media will help us become even more comfortable and effective in these new spaces.”

This is very big news for a company who used to spend over a billion dollars a year on traditional advertising alone. But what Coca-Cola has learned – no matter how catchy your slogan is or how spectacular your TV commercial looks, you must still work diligently to ensure that you remain number one and a viable, competitive force.

One interesting social networking idea Coca-Cola has developed is a site called CoketTag. CokeTag is a Facebook widget for sharing links. It allows you to make a customizable widget including links from anywhere and share it with your friends.

“This Facebook effort was in pure viral form,” said Phil Mooney, Director of Heritage Communications, one of CokeTag’s creators. “Today, our Coke Facebook community has 3 million members. The only larger community out there on Facebook was for Obama for President,” he added. “Coke made the decision to ‘not go corporate’ and let the group remain in the fans’ hands.”

Mooney cited the example of the Coca-Cola Facebook community that spawned virally, a result of “two guys in LA who created a fan page.” Facebook asked Coke to take-over and manage the Facebook group — as per its policy that brands own their named real estate. Instead, Coke contacted the two group creators and let the fans decide where to take that conversation.”

Phil Mooney has some advice for other companies: “Don’t be afraid to let your community, not the corporation, take ownership of your brand identity. They can be the customers who form more naturally to develop brand attributes.”

Coca-Cola has spent a lot of time building their presence and that has made them very popular. What Coke is doing is what every online corporate entity should do: embrace the effects of an internet presence and capitalize on it. Even if you don’t “get” the platform at first, try try again.

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Sofia Sapojnikova
Vesta Digital

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