Internet Marketing and how to Build Relationships

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I would like to talk about something that is critical to your business, that many people underestimate. When you first started your business, a part of the point of it had to be “I want to help people”, or something along those lines. So how do you go about helping people? Well, I guess first you have to find out what kind of help people need, right? The only way to do that is to ask them, which means you must have some kind of relationship with your customers.

The fact is if you want to build any business at all, you must get used to the idea of building relationships with your customer, because it is the only way you will 1) find out what they want, and 2) be able to send them promotional information to help them decide what may be a suitable solution to their problem. When I say find a solution to their problem, of course that can mean many things from a “problem with my hair falling out” to a “problem finding an affordable digital camera”. These are really problems necessarily, but to a customer with a need, it’s definitely something they are searching for a solution to.

So once you discover these people that have a need for something, and you just happen to be selling that solution, your job is the contact them with helpful information and let them know you have a really great solution, right? Not hit them over the head with a battery of ads that dull their senses and make them run screaming into the night but helpful message at first. Give them free articles, once they have signed up for your list you can send them emails on a somewhat regular basis with more information. The point is, you stay in touch with them, building their confidence and letting them know you are there to help them. Over time, the chances of them becoming a valued customer are much greater since you have built a relationship with them.

Online businesses whose only communication involves repeated "pitches" or opportunities to spend money don’t do well in the long haul.  A group of loyal customers and subscribers will sustain an online business owner much longer than a fat advertising budget ever could. No matter what kind of online business you operate, you can keep in touch with articles, updates, videos, info-snippets, and more, slowly but surely building trust. This is key to any business, but online business have an especially hard time since the inherent trust factor starts off at a fairly low level (think scam, spam, offers for help with your bank passwords, stuff like that). Yes, there are a lot of bad people on the internet, but if you can prove to your customers that you are trustworthy, they will be loyal in the long run. The beauty is, your reputation online will grow as well, building a larger and larger customer base! As I’ve said before think long-term, this is a business not a hobby. Treat is as such.

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